Stichting Inspire has been set up by a group of volunteers that in 2017 have organized a fundraiser for The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC) in Rotterdam, for the first time.

GOCC is a Polish charity organization collecting money for equipping the Polish public hospitals with state-of-the-art medical equipment. It has been set up in 1993 and every year it beats its own records of funds collected. The most well known way of fundraising is the, so called, Grand Finale, organized once a year in January. It is one of the biggest and most known cultural events in Poland.

The first grand finale in Rotterdam took place in 2017 and then subsequently in 2018 & 2019. Because of the growing number of funds the Grand Finale had been bringing, and the growing amount of interested parties (volunteers and sponsors), the very same group of volunteers have decided to formalize the growing activities and expand the activities to the Dutch market.

The mission & the goal

The mission of the foundation Stichting Inspire is to save people's lives and improve their health, also by means of prophylactics, with a focus on children but not excluding adults.

The goals are as follows:

  • to raise funds to support charity organizations with similar mission
  • to raise funds to support private acute situations, such as acute illnesses, accidents et cetera
  • to raise a sense of social responsibility among children and adults and teach them to take account for one another, act & help
  • to raise awareness with regards to prophylactics & heath preservation

Stichting Inspire's activities are guided by the policy plan that can be found here:

Policy Plan Stichting Inspire.pdf

Registration information

Stichting Inspire is a non-profit, limited liability organization serving general interest. It was registered in October 2018 at the R&W Notariskantoor in Rotterdam.

Postal address:

Stichting Inspire

Zuidersingel 9

2651 AE Berkel en Rodenrijs

KvK 72933941 | RSIN 859291170

IBAN NL89 INGB 0008 6731 28

Board members:

The Chair: Kamila Antkowicz

Kontakt: Tel: 06 47 900 650

Secretary: Paulina Ziaja

Kontakt: Tel: 06 54 907 646

Treasurer: Izabela Popek

Kontakt: Tel. 06 44 544 718